Model United Nations is a simulation of the debates and activities of the United Nations among other international organizations about topics and problems of national, regional and international matters. Participantes in these events represent ambassadors or delegates to the countries that make up the organizations; and through the mechanics of parliamentary procedure students acquire a set of abilities for the future, among those are negotiation, research skills, technical writing, logistics, event organization, collaboration, debate, persuasive skills, among others.

The purpose of Colegio Americano de Torreón Model United Nations (CATMUN) shall be to involve interested students in debate about current international issues that affect the world community, encourage their ability to speak publicly and in an informed manner about various positions on these issues and to educate members about the organization and history of the United Nations.

Every year we participate in simulations around Mexico, as well as organizing our own simulation, CATMUN, the third weekend in October, where we have the participation of over 100 delegates from several schools around Mexico.