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The Early Childhood program at CAT gives children a wonderful introduction to school in a positive, progressive learning environment. Class sizes are small, and caring teachers and assistants strive to make every child love learning and want to come to school. The program is divided into three grade levels. Nursery is designed for the 3-4 year-old child, Preschool for the 4-5 year-old child, and Kindergarten for the 5-6 year-old child. The children receive an introduction to important social skills and lay an academic foundation for school success in elementary and high school.

The Early Childhood CAT curriculum includes language arts, math, art, music, fine and gross motor activities, science, social studies, Spanish, library, physical education and computer class. There is a special emphasis on pre-reading and pre-math skills supported by the Scott Foresman Reading Program and the Every Day Math Program respectively. Spanish and English speaking teachers work collaboratively to coordinate reading and math instruction so that students will be equally successful in both languages. Ninety percent of daily instruction is in English, and bilingual classroom teachers and assistants begin speaking English with students the very first day of school. Classrooms are colorful and invite children to read/look at books and to learn through blocks, legos, puzzles, and other learning toys. Bulletin boards and classroom walls display student work and provide visual learning cues to students. Children gather on the carpet to begin their morning together and then work with teachers/assistants in smaller groups (centers) and independently throughout the day.

Early Childhood classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and dismissal is at 2:00 p.m. During the day, children also enjoy a healthy lunch/snack (brought from home), recess, and, in nursery, an afternoon nap. To learn more about the learning outcomes for each level of Early Childhood, you can browse through our curriculum that are posted on this web page.

Extracurricular activities begin in Preschool. These activities include football, ballet, tennis, swimming and children's orchestra.

The CAT Early Childhood program is rich in resources and in personnel to support students. Class sizes are capped to ensure that students are able to receive individual attention. Extra programs are provided as needed to support student achievement or to help with other school-related issues. The CAT staff includes a guidance counselor/psychologist and a full-time principal exclusively for the Early Childhood program.

Parents are encouraged to attend Parent-Teacher conferences in October and February or to schedule an appointment with school personnel to discuss and share all concerns.

We are proud of our school and of the educational opportunities we offer. The large number of current students who are children of CAT alumni tells us that the CAT learning community shares our view and our enthusiasm.