English As a Second Lenguage Program

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Starting in August 2021, CAT will be introducing our new ESL program (English as a Second Language) for students entering seventh grade level. Our ESL program is a specially designed Transitional Bilingual Education Program. This initiative will be taught by a fully licensed and trained ESL teacher from the United States using the internationally recognized WIDA curriculum. Our program will allow an introduction point to our school for students who are not completely fluent in English as an academic language. Our innovatively designed plan of studies will enable us to integrate, welcome and socialize our new students into our community. Additionally, due to our leading edge and advanced techniques, students will spend only one year in the program and move into the eighth grade with the rest of the student body. English language support will also be available as our students advance through the grade levels at CAT, to ensure their academic success.

Of course, in addition to the value of our ESL program, incoming students will also gain access to the added benefits of a CAT education, which has proven to be the leader of international schools in Coahuila for over 70 years. CAT is proudly positioned for the future with a focus on innovation and technology, international accreditation, and the best English instruction in the region. Graduates from CAT earn a U.S. High School diploma as well as a Mexican "Bachillerato" certificate and our acceptance rate for international universities is the highest in the state.

I invite you to be in contact with Ms. Berenice Orduña Muñiz, our Admissions Director, for further information regarding this unique opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you and our prospective students!